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Circular Duct Fan
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Circular Duct Fan

Highly Efficient Circular Duct Fans with Powerful Air Volume

Made in China, a wide range of rigid Circular Duct Fans are supplied by Foshan Nanhai Nanyang with resistance to corrosion.  The power coated series of duct fans and Ventilation Fan; are designed for ventilation applications with high pressure and low level of noise. An External rotor motor is used by these fans to perform the specific task to flow the hot air outside and entry of cool air inside. Unique and complex in design, the duct fans are highly appreciated for their changeable speed and energy efficiency. Fabricated from metal, we supply a cost effective solution with high efficiency and powerful air volume to the customers. Additionally, duct fans are featured with long working life and moisture proof construction.

Product features:

1).Use external rotor motor, runs smoothly and lasting for longtime

2).Unique fan design, powerful air volume and high efficiency

3).Powder coating surface and strong corrosion resistance